This is me, Kathy. I live in this little house with my three dogs and two cats. I bought this house in 2006. It needed some minor renovations to make it more suitable for my needs as I have Peroneal Nerve damage and drop foot on my right leg as a result of a car accident in 1995. So 2007 was spent rearranging the house to suit my long term needs.

My dream is to have a garden that I can plant organic vegetables in, relax in, and have a memorial area for my son Justin who died in the car accident.

I also want to leave something more valuable than money for my children and grandchildren, a garden that will nurture their minds, bodies and souls for years to come.

On the right with me, is my wonderful daughter Geraldine who lives in Denmark at the moment. The photograph at the bottom was taken at Christmas 2006. Meet Allan, my son, Antonio, Geraldine's partner, Geraldine and I, as we open our gifts to each other.
My Family